The Team

Meet the talented, award-winning team behind the film...

Mobolaji Olambiwonnu


Mobolaji is a graduate of UCLA and AFI. He is the recipient of the prestigious Audience Award at the Tribeca Film Festival and the Directors Guild of America Student Filmmaker Award. Besides freelance film work, Mobolaji has also worked in the fields of education, conflict resolution, and community organizing. His community-based experience is the conscience behind his work. Ferguson Rises is Mobolaji’s first feature film.

David Oyelowo


David Oyelowo is an award-winning actor known for his role as Martin Luther King Jr. in the movie Selma and many other notable roles in film. Hi company Yoruba Saxon’s produced NIGHTINGALE (HBO), CAPTIVE (Paramount), A UNITED KINGDOM (Fox Searchlight), COME AWAY (Relativity Media), FIVE NIGHTS IN MAINE (FilmRise), and THE WATER MAN, directed by David (Shiv Hans, Harpo, RLJE, Netflix) and SOLITARY (BRON Studios)

Jessica Oyelowo


Jessica is producing partner with David Oyelowo in Yoruba/Saxon Productions. They have a first look deal with Disney to develop and produce family oriented content.

Tanayi Seabrook

Tanayi Seabrook


Tanayi Seabrook has performed multiple roles in front of and behind the camera over the past 15 years. She recently won a local Emmy for producing and has worked in the capacity of producer for many years.

TJ Odebunmi

TJ Odebunmi


TJ Odebunmi has extensive experience as a writer and story analyst. In 2002, Odebunmi leveraged his vast business, political, and media contacts in Africa to assist in the successful launch of The Africa Channel.

Daisy Mo



Daisy is also a West Point Graduate, and a former Captain in the United States Army. She brings those skills along with an extensive fiction writing background to her first role as a producer on Ferguson Rises.

Lisa Smithline

Lisa Smithline


Lisa Smithline is an innovative leader in the cause marketing field. As an impact producer and marketing strategist Lisa creates dynamic multi-platform distribution campaigns using film and new media. She currently works for the firm Moca Media creating highly successful impact campaigns for films.

Tamika Lamison

Tamika Lamison


Tamika is an award-winning producer, director, actor who is a founding member of Philmco and Make A Film Foundation a non-profit that grants ‘film wishes’ to children who have serious or life-threatening medical conditions by teaming them with noted actors, writers and directors who help them create short film legacies.

Nick Moon

Nick Moon


Based in Los Angeles, CA, Nick Moon is a Producer focused on telling stories that inspire positive social impact. He produces values-based film, television, documentary, and short-form stories that are spirited with excellence and sustained by strong performance in the marketplace. He was an Executive at Yoruba Saxon (David Oyelowo’s production company) for three years, developing feature film and television projects.

Kai Bowe

Executive Producer/Producer

KAI was Supervising Producer for A&E’s Emmy-nominated LA Burning, EP/Showrunner of Resist (a documentary series that successfully thwarted the Los Angeles County’s plan to build two new jails), Co-EP of the Emmy-winning, Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, and EP/Showrunner of Lifetime’s Hopelessly in Love. Currently, Kai works as an executive at OWN Network.


Sandra Evers Manly

Sandra Evers-Manly

Executive Producer

Sandra is the founder of Black Hollywood Education and Resource Center (BHERC) and Films with A Purpose. She is highly active in philanthropy as well as a big supporter of filmmakers via the organizations she has founded.

T.J. Martin

T.J. Martin

Executive Producer

TJ is an Oscar and Emmy award-winning American filmmaker who is best known for his films Undefeated,  LA92 and Tina. He has also helped guide the careers of many new filmmakers by supporting them with the development and execution o their projects.

Gigi Pritzker

Executive Producer

Gigi is a philanthropist and noted film producer of films such as Drive, Ender’s Game, Hell or High Water, 21 Bridges, and Motherless Brooklyn. She is the founder of Madison Wells Media.

Aloe Blacc

Co-Executive Producer

Aloe is a chart topping singer, writer, activist, and philanthropist that lends his talents to a wide variety of causes and creative ventures.

Robert F. Diggz “RZA”

Co-Executive Producer

Founding member of the world-famous rap group “Wu-Tang Clan.” Robert is also an actor, a highly sought after record producer and filmmaker.

Carmen Anders

Carmen Anders

Co-Executive Producer

Mexican-born Carmen Anders has dedicated her heart and energy to the education of adolescents in Los Angeles. She uses music, art and film to communicate the diverse expressions of the language and the cultures of the Spanish-speaking diaspora. As an actor and activist, Carmen is committed to supporting diversity and inclusion initiatives in and around the city she has called home for more than two decades. This is her first role as a Co-Executive Producer.

Rob Densen

Co-Executive Producer

Mark Densen

Co-Executive Producer

Rhonda Mims

Co-Executive Producer

Rhonda Mims, is a C-Suite corporate affairs executive with over 30 years of experience in the financial, healthcare and legal professions. She has served as a Foundation President for Fortune 10 and 100 companies. She has been recognized globally and nationally for her corporate social responsibility efforts and her commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. Her current passion is celebrating and supporting great storytelling through multiple forms of media.

Kareem Rahma

Kareem Rahma


Kareem Rahma is a twice Webby-nominated writer and comedian in Brooklyn, New York. He is the Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder of SomeFriends. He is also a Senior Advisor to twice Oscar-nominated documentary studio XTR.


Sarah Schoellkopf


Dr. Sarah A. Schoellkopf’s academic research focuses on human rights and gender. She has published multiple articles and has presented all over the world. She is the President of the Eileen and Fred Schoellkopf Family Foundation, a legacy left by her parents. The Foundation’s mission is to empower individuals and communities without a voice to take charge of their own narratives. The Foundation supports organizations that focus on conservation, education and the restoration of human dignity with a particular interest in using films and oral history to build empathy. She is a co-executive producer on Ferguson Rises and an executive producer on the documentary Norita, about one of the founding Madres, Nora Cortiñas.

William Neil


Jerry Henry

Jerry A. Henry


Jerry is a sought after cinematographer and Academy member whose documentary feature credits include Sundance winner City of Gold: the story of L.A. Times food critic Jonathan Gold, The Rachel Divide, Between the World and Me and Asian Americans.

Brandinn French

Brandinn French


Bradinn French is an award-winning editor based in Los Angeles with credits spanning multiple formats and genres. He is also a strong advocate for representation in the film industry, and telling stories that represent diverse perspectives. Credits include the acclaimed Bill Duke and D. Channsin Berry documentary Dark Girls, The Peabody Award winning Surviving R. Kelly, American Horror Story, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Reunion, and currently A Black Lady Sketch Show.

Jeff Striker

Jeff Striker


Jeff has an extensive background in visual arts, music, and experimental cinema. He edited the Sundance film Call Me Lucky and works in a variety of video formats to produce art for musicians on tour as well as commercials and music videos.

Nicole West

Nicole West


Born and raised in St. Louis, Nicole West has been editing documentary films and non-fiction TV for over 15 years. Driven by the power of storytelling and art to inspire social transformation, her work has been featured on Netflix, HBO, Showtime, FOX, TNT and at SXSW, Tribeca and Toronto International Film Festivals.

Faisal Azam

Faisal Azam



Andrew Brown


Sion Dey

Sion Dey

Original Music

Sion is a multi-instrumentalist who has composed for Academy Award-Winner TJ Martin on his documentary I Am Dying, the indie feature Ramblin’ Freak and The Truth Is Hard To Find The New York Times commercial short series.

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David Magdael

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Anurag Gupta

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Daisy Mo

Kai Bowe

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Tj Odebunmi

Christopher Seward

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Rafael Roy

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Abdul Hamid

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Will Anspach

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Maria Teresa Murillo

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Scott A. Jennings M.P.S.E.

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Maria Teresa Murillo

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Katie Halliday


Adrian Delude

Picture Finish

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Innes Smolansky

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Frank Gruber

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Tiller, Llc

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